Outdoor Visual Verification Detector OMV-VX

The OMV-VX is a wireless, battery operated camera. The camera is triggered by motion detection. It can also be activated by user request. It is designed for use in a Videofied® security system. Motionactivated cameras are intended for outdoor applications where videoverification is needed.

Product Features

  • Wireless interactive technology
  • Powered by 3 Lithium batteries for extended battery life.
  • 12 m (40 ft.) by 90 degree flexible detection pattern adjustable to 5 ranges
  • SMDA Logic for advanced temperature compensation and environmental noise immunity.
  • Double Conductive Shielding against bright light disturbance.
  • 4 infrared LEDs for 12m night vision.
  • Fully weatherproof (IP55 and temperature resistant (-20°C/+60°C).