About Videofied

Culture and Values

RSI Video Technologies develops innovative, wireless, self-powered security solutions for commercial, residential and government customers. Our patented security products are installed across the world in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Australia. 


Founded in 2000, RSI Video Technologies has developed a range of products for securing residential, commercial and difficult outdoor applications such as construction sites and critical infrastructure. The engineering team in Strasbourg, France, has been developing low-power radio solutions for commercial and government applications for over 20 years. Our wireless security products are proven by over 6 years in the field and more than 100,000 installations.


In 2001, we concentrated all efforts on developing the first wireless alarm system with video verification: the Videofied product range. The first generation of Videofied product was introduced to the market in late 2002.

RSI Video Technologies offers a unique solution to the issue of false alarms and unnecessary dispatch, through video verification. Today, the Videofied offering integrates cameras, illumination and motion sensors in a single device; with a full compliment of accessories including smoke detectors, sirens, arming devices and sensors that work together seamlessly as a complete security solution. Multi-path transmission of events over telephone, IP and the cellular network provides reporting flexibility. All system components are self-powered and operate on batteries, allowing for completely wireless video security – detection, illumination, video capture and transmission. 


RSI Video Technologies products conform to common certifications and international standards for security products including CE agreement (Europe), INCERT (Belgium), EN50131 (Europe), Asia : IDA (Singapore), A-Tick (Australia), USA : UL and FCC