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Stories and articles featuring Videofied and our MotionViewers on TV news, radio, and a variety of security and trade publications. 

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    • /_asset/sxft79/ABCGoodMorningAmerica_Winter2012_US.mp4
    • ABC Good Morning America: Copper Theft

      English - 2012

      Good Morning America investigates the surge in copper thefts occurring around the country. Many videos taken from Videofied systems are featured. 

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    • /_asset/lq3ge8/BloombergBusinessweek_Dec2010.pdf
    • Bloomberg Businessweek: The Great Copper Heist

      English - 2010

      The Great Copper Heist:With prices near record highs, thieves are selling America for scrap

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    • /_asset/84379o/CenterForInfrastructureProtection_Mar2012.pdf
    • Center For Infrastructure Protection

      English - 2012

      Substations & Cell Towers: Stopping Copper Theft on a Budget 
      (Begins on p.8)

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    • /_asset/y1k2gn/CoalAge_Sep2009.pdf
    • Coal Age: New Affordable Options for Infrastructure and Asset Protection

      English - 2009

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    • /_asset/x8z994/IllinoisAssociationofChiefsofPolice_Spring2012.pdf
    • Command Magazine: Video-Verified Intrusion Alarms are Changing Law Enforcement With Arresting Results

      French - 2012

      Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police:Command Magazine: Video-Verified Intrusion Alarms are Changing Law Enforcement- With Arresting Results

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    • /_asset/csvjjn/ModernContractor_Sep2009.pdf
    • Modern Contractor: Affordable Construction Security: 40 Apprehensions in 4 Months

      English - 2009

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    • /_asset/g173tt/NICBMetalTheftReport_Mar2012.pdf
    • National Insurance Crime Bureau: Metal Theft Report

      English - 2012

      NICB Reports Metal Thefts Increase 81 Percent Since 2008

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    • /_asset/7nmm30/SDM-Magazine-Security--Crime.pdf
    • SDM Magazine: Security & Crime

      English - 2012

      While no conclusive landmark study proves security prevents crime, maturing technologies and partnerships are proving security is a bona fide crime-fighting tool.

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    • /_asset/x1mkyb/SDM-Magazine-Video-Priority-Response.pdf
    • SDM Magazine: Video Priority Response Has New Champions

      English - 2012

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