The video is automatically sent to the End-User

Alarms and video clips can be received by the homeowner and other designated persons via a smartphone or other Internet enabled device. Genuine alarms can be quickly notified to the appropriate authorities and false alarms can be ignored.

With Videofied, end-users can:

  • Video verify : actual intrusion?
  • Save time : no need to move when it's a false alarm
  • Immediately call police when there is an instrusion
  • used a wide range of products for varied applications

To ensure an effective protection, Videofied products are always installed by security professionals. Even with Self Monitoring, it is an alarm installer that will install and program Videofied products.

With Smartphone APP you are in control

With smartphone App  you can control a Videofied security system remotely.

You can:

  • Receive Alarms and Videos
  • Arm and disarm entire system and special areas
  • View the system event log
  • Request videos
  • Request photos

Videofied is a complete video alarm & monitoring system!