Videofied will lower your cost, improve your armed response time and virtually eliminate your false alarms problems.

Peace of mind and security with Videofied

New Video Live function : 

- More efficient security: instant video transmission to the central station in case of intrusion.
- Greater peace of mind: see live what happens at home at any time of the day.

Gamme Videofied

A wide product range...

Need an IP panel? We can offer you the XV-iP. Need 2 way-voice? You can choose the XL panel. Hardware inputs or outputs are essential tools for you? XV & XT panels are your solution!
A lot of accessories are compatible with all Videofied panels : keyfob, keypads with or without integrated badge reader, badge readers, sirens, smoke detectors, door contacts ... so many devices which make Videofied products a complete range!

News: Interactive smartphone App that provides the reassurance and convenience of remote video request and review!

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Operating Options

Videofied products can be used in a number of ways:

- Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

- Self-Monitoring

- Upgrade existing systems

See ARC Monitoring
Indoor MotionViewer and Control Panel

Colour Video

Our new product generation brings you colour video verification.

See colours videos

Cheat Sheet

Download your quick guide to Videofied system specifications, installation principles, and more.

Download Videofied Cheat Sheet

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