Remotes Keyfob – KF

The Remote Keyfob can arm and disarm the Videofied system remotely. It has an encrypted “rolling code” system that changes the actual signal sent to the panel every time it is used. It features audio feedback (beeping) at arming/disarming to verify communication with the panel and indicate entry/exit delay. The Remote includes a panic button feature.

Product Features

  • Compact, easy to use
  • Arm specific areas as determined by system configuration/programming
  • Can initiate siren and silent panic alarms by pressing two buttons
  • Operate system from within or just outside premises
  • Up to 10 year life on one lithium battery

Videofied offers two new models :

  • KF240 : 4 button key fob
  • KF210 : 1 panic button key fob
Spec sheet KF210 Spec sheet KF240