ARC Monitoring

ARC Monitoring

The central station automatically receives the alarms ...

When one of the PIRs is triggered the system goes into alarm in much the same way as a standard alarm system, but the PIR also generates a 10 second video clip which is automatically sent with the alarm event to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
An ARC is available 24/7 to monitor your system and when an alarm is received the operator will basically be able to view what has activated the PIR. The operator can then action an urgent response for a genuine crime in progress, whereas costly false alarms can be discounted.

With Videofied, the ARC can:

  • Video verify : actual intrusion?
  • Save time : no need to move when it’s a false alarm
  • Priority Response in case of actual incident
  • Offer to the end users a wide range of products for varied applications
  • Offer to the end users a range of services and additional options with smartphone Apps

To ensure an effective protection, Videofied products are always installed by security professionals.

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