Upgrade with Videofied

Upgrade with Videofied

Enhance Existing Burglar Alarms with a Videofied Upgrade

Link existing alarm systems to a Videofied upgrade for priority police response and greater security.  The upgrade option allows the existing alarm system to arm/disarm the Videofied MotionViewers from the existing keypad.  This means that the user interface from the keypad, remote fobs, or other arming option currently being used does not change.  Videofied simply “piggy backs” on the existing alarm sysem as one more feature providing an added level of protection for the consumer.  When the existing system arms, the MotionViewers arm as well.

The Videofied upgrade can be configured to operate in both a “fully armed” mode or a “stay at home” mode”.  The “stay at home mode”protects the privacy of the consumer because the MotionViewers will only arm, detect, and send video once the perimeter has been breached and the existing alarm system has gone into alarm.  The MotionViewers then provide the responding law enforement with valuable information of location and the type of threat inside the home.

The Videofied upgrade concept is available for all major brands of security systems and represent a significant enhancement in overall security.  Alarm signals can now be accompanied with video clips of the intruders themselves.  In addition, from the perspective of the owner, nothing changes relative to keypads, codes, etc.

  • Enhance existing systems for greater protection
  • Expand security to remote areas not currently protected such as garages
  • Maintain all existing codes, keypads and arming protocols used by employees and family

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