Videofied delivers faster police response to an actual crime because the human operators filter out false alarms. Videofied systems provide responsive security to a large variety of residential, commercial, and industrial sites and applications from large homes and small offices to remote mining plants and urban substations.

With the wide range of products Videofied, all the ways of functioning are possible on every sites
You want to secure indoor, outdoor, or isolated sites… Videofied is THE solution. You can protect every sites ARC functioning or in Self-Monitoring functioning.

You already have an alarm system, and you want to add it video verification: get the Upgrades functioning.

The Inside Track

As a wireless, cordless, and weatherproof security system, Videofied has proven to be an excellent candidate for a large variety of outdoor applications.

Now, with the Look-in capablity, smartphone app management, and faster-than-ever video alarm transmission of the new Indoor MotionViewer, you can introduce priority response + interactive control (in) to your home, office or business for a verified video alarm that expedites law enforcement response.