The directional, external cellular Yagi antenna is designed to deliver cell coverage for remote applications such as telecom towers, ranches, oil fields, cabins, substations, agricultural assets, and solar panels. External cell antennas should be used only only for applications with weak or obstructed (by metal, concrete or earth) cell coverage and where an indoor XT Control Panel (XT-IP630) is desired.

The Outdoor XT Control Panel (XTO-IP630), with an integrated high-gain cell antenna, is generally the recommended control panel for any remote and outdoor sites.

Product Details

  • The Cellular Antenna Kit includes:
    • Cellular Yagi antena with mounting hardware
    • Coax cable (choose length: 10′ or 20′)
    • MMCX to N-Female Bulkhead Pigtail
  • Compatible control panels
    • Cell/Ethernet Panel (XT-IP630)
  • Allows for flexible installation location of the panel (panel inside and antenna outside)
  • High-performance wide band log periodic DAS antenna designed to operate continuously from 800 MHz to 2500 MHz.
  • Supplied with a tilt and swivel mast mount kit
  • Full 3G/4G cellular band; GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/WCDMA compatible
  • Sealed radome for all-weather operation
  • Videofied keypads show cell signal strength to ensure optimal installation
  • Passive (requires no power) and increases cell signal strength by up to 11db (transmission and reception) by focusing the omni-directional signal into a 30° cone
  • Different available lengths of coax cables (10′,20′) allow for installing the antenna out of harm’s way