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Dear Videofied,

Small novel about revelation and conversion. Sorry for the babble but stay with me. It turns out good. 

We’ve been overrun with all the latest and greatest from the conventional alarm panel manufacturers, including two we're very fond of. Their main focus seems to be adding tweaky gadgets to their systems to make them attractive to consumers. As a life-long security guy, putting in thermostats and light switches just has no appeal to me. It’s not security. The salespeople say the public is demanding these products and all of our competitors are offering them and if we don’t they can’t sell and we’ll all starve. Or something like that. 

I contend that if people want things like that, they’re available from Amazon or Home Depot. We don’t add any value to them. We just get stuck servicing lights and thermostats. But without a strong alternative, I couldn’t say much. So it occurred to me one day while talking to another vendor about CCTV that if we’re in the security business, greater security is what we should be selling, and verified video seems the logical way to do it. If we can assure people that their alarms will be responded to ahead of all those systems with lights and thermostats, I have to believe a good percentage of them will be on board. If not, they really weren’t looking to buy security anyway and they can go buy gadgets elsewhere. With the ability to use an app for control and status, and the added ability to do look-in on cameras, the value proposition looks huge to me. I don’t see it replacing our conventional systems but I could see it taking a good share. 

So I did a spreadsheet showing a comparison of matched Videofied and DMP systems to get an idea of how much more it will cost. It wasn’t huge so I brought it to the management team to discuss. Surprisingly, I made a pretty convincing case and I was asked to do a little more research and set up a demo so we can get a real life look at it. I need to get a few XTIPs fairly soon for 2G upgrades so I’ll get a couple of the interior MotionViewers too, and set up a system to work with for a while. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 

(name withheld)


The new VideoApp4All smartphone app allows you to arm/disarm the Videofied system remotely, check system status and open/closing reports, and features remote Look-in from any MotionViewer at any time. 

Available for download on App Store and Google Play

Maximum Impact Award at ESX 2013

In the category of "Best Alarm Equipment: Enhanced Video Alarm" we received a Maximum Impact Award for the new Indoor MotionViewer. 

Videofied makes front page news at ISC West!

The Show Daily of ISC West covered the new Indoor MotionViewer from Videofied. The new indoor product line brings video verification in to the mainstream burglar alarm market. Indoor video verified alarms cost nearly the same as traditional alarms but deliver faster police response. 

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Videofied Indoor Product Now Available Through Tri-Ed

Contact or visit your local Tri-Ed branch (branch map) to learn more.

New Indoor MotionViewer

SDM Monitoring News, January 30, 2013

About the size of a restaurant salt shaker — topping out at three inches high — the new Indoor MotionViewer from Videofied is a motion detector and wireless camera that runs on batteries.

The product has an array of upgrades from its predecessor, focused on the indoor security market, including a smaller profile and full-color, full-VGA resolution camera. The Indoor MotionViewer takes two AA batteries instead of three and will run up to four years on one set of batteries...   

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