Mounting Bracket

Part #: MB110

The Outdoor Mounting Kit  is designed for mounting the Outdoor MotionViewer in a variety of configurations (flat surfaces, angles/corners, and poles), giving you the freedom to provide outdoor detection and protection in any setting. 


  • Length: 4¾" or 2¾" (without 2" extension rod, not recommended for mounting on flat surfaces)
  • Fully adjustable: 190° tilt, 360° rotation
  • Modular system: mounting plate, rod and swivel head screw together
  • Compatible with Magnetic Mounting Base

Kit includes:

  • Bendable mounting plate with several holes and slots to facilitate mounting on flat surfaces, angles/corners, and poles (by fastening the mounting plate with band clamps or ties)
  • 2" extension rod 
  • Swivel head with hand lock 
  • Hex wrench with hex button head screw for alternative to hand lock
  • Installation sheet 

Install Sheet