Police Priority Response Kit

Part #:  PPRXT-IP630

The Police Priority Response Kit (PPR Kit) is a completely portable Videofied security system housed in a military-style, weatherproof carrying case. It is designed for use by law enforcement agencies to combat property crime, copper theft and vandalism. The system is completely wireless, portable and video verified—allowing law enforcement to deploy instantly and move around as situations in the community arise.

"I have made over 150 arrests working with this system. It is the best I have seen." 

Officer John Greene

K-9 Officer of the Year 2010


Product Details

  • Comes fully pre-programmed 
  • Video clips from Outdoor MotionViewers are sent directly to central monitoring station or the police department's own dispatch center (Frontel Receiver software required) for immediate verification of the alarm event that ensures high priority dispatch to make an apprehension at the site of intrusion. 

PPR Kit components 

  • 1 Rugged carrying case
  • 1 User/installation manual
  • 1 Control panel with integrated 3G/4G cellular communicator
  • 1 WMB621 Keypad with integrated prox reader 
  • 2 VT100 Prox tags for arming/disarming keypad with prox reader
  • 1 RC601 remote controls for remote arming/disarming  
  • 2 Outdoor MotionViewers
    • IP 65 weatherproof rated, -20° to +140°F temperature rated
    • RF range up to 1000 ft. (depends on surrounding environment/buildings)
    • Up to 3 yr. battery life
    • +2 Mounting bracket kits + 2 Magnetic bases for brackets