View and download the video clips of intrusion incidents from our MotionViewers, brochures, and general resources about our products and company.

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    • /_asset/df0q9h/Videofied-OMV.mp4
    • The New Outdoor MotionViewer

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    • /_asset/8kx0hf/Complete-OMV-Video-web.mp4
    • Technical How-To: New Outdoor MotionViewer

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    • /_asset/xqmjt0/ISCW15-PPVAR-Law-Enf-Panel.mp4
    • Verified Alarms and Priority Response - ISC West 2015 - Law Enforcement Panel

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    • /_asset/jslwu4/Sheriff-Mag-Videofied-Cactus-Cams-Clean-Crime-from-Community.pdf
    • Sheriff Magazine - Videofied Cactus Cams Clean Crime from Community

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    • Link
    • False Alarm Math and CPV

      Lesson explaining a common misconception in the security industry about false alarms. Crime in Progress Verification or "CPV" dramatically increases arrests and reduces false alarms.

    • /_asset/c0m724/fbinaa-video-verified-alarms-cover-article.pdf
    • FBI National Academy Associates' (FBINAA) The Associate - Video Verified Alarms: A local force multiplier making arrests and fighting crime

      FBI National Academy embraces video verification in cover article

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    • /_asset/5t87gb/Video-Verification-Reducing-Contractor-Risk-and-Mitigating-Lawsuits-white-paper.pdf
    • White Paper - Video Verification: Reducing Contractor Risk and Mitigating Lawsuits

      By Jeffrey D. Zwirn

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    • /_asset/s7fmd9/VideoAlarmsChangingTheGame.mp4
    • National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) - "Video alarms are changing the game."

      Listen to Sheriff Paul H. Fitzgerald, President of the National Sherriffs' Association, describe how priority response to video alarms is helping police officers to more effectively respond to property crime. 

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    • /_asset/8knmcr/Videofied-VV-Central-Station-Guide.pdf
    • Videofied-VV-Central-Station-Guide

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    • /_asset/qsh5o2/GrandPrairiePriorityResponse_Spring2012_US.mp4
    • Priority Response Press Conference

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    • /_asset/fknsnx/Good-Morning-America.mp4
    • Good Morning America - Home Security Systems Subject to Breaches

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    • /_asset/51bs8s/construction_intruder-clr1.mp4
    • Construction site intruder

      While most of the videos of arrests are in monochrome from our monochrome MotionViewers, this video is an example of an arrest from the color indoor MotionViewer.

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    • /_asset/wwdpp3/residential_2menbreakthroughdoor.mp4
    • Two men break through door

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    • /_asset/vdvc95/residential_2menbreakthrough-police.mp4
    • Police with K9 respond to 2 man break through

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    • /_asset/jsmp9q/4.-Owner_ECV_Videofied.mp4
    • Actual Arrest: ECV Process

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    • /_asset/jp1bqm/warehouses_fctryintrusion-comp.mp4
    • Factory intrusion sequence, police response, arrest made

      1. Intruder walks around with flashlight

      2. On top of a pallet 

      3. Running at the sound of the cops arriving 

      4. Two cops arrive to search for intruder (who was found and arrested) 

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    • /_asset/wngc4e/residential_2manbreakindooropen.mp4
    • Copy of Two men break into home

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    • /_asset/mdsrtk/Video-intrusion-Soundtech-01.mp4
    • Intrusion in a cell tower

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    • /_asset/20p2yz/Video-intrusion-Soundtech-04_web.mp4
    • Intrusion in a cell tower

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    • /_asset/wdrw9c/office_color.mp4
    • Intrusion in a office

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    • /_asset/pvbmzb/warehouse_color.mp4
    • Intrusion in a warehouse

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    • /_asset/qbnbry/00000133_20160123174220.mpg
    • Outdoor intrusion

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    • /_asset/lny0ij/00000134_20160123202730.mpg
    • Outdoor intrusion 2

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    • /_asset/7c225d/00000135_20160124184711.mpg
    • Outdoor intrusion 3

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    • /_asset/nlxyhr/Video-intrusion-Soundtech-03_web.mp4
    • Two man in a cell tower

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Note on Animal False Alarm Incident Videos

We typically recommend installing outdoor MotionViewers/systems only in controlled environments (fenced or otherwise) that will be armed during off hours. Uncontrolled outdoor applications may yield high activity due to non-intruding humans or animals, meaning unnecessary video alarms sent to the monitoring station and higher data charges for the customer.

However, animals can climb, fly or wiggle their way into areas that humans cannot. Thankfully, our MotionViewers can verify if the cause of the trip is indeed an animal, avoiding a costly and unnecessary dispatch to law enforcement.