View and download the video clips of intrusion incidents from our MotionViewers, brochures, and general resources about our products and company.

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    • /_asset/wngc4e/residential_2manbreakindooropen.mp4
    • Two men break into home

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    • /_asset/lvl9jz/video-intrusion-couleur_web.mp4
    • Two men in a house

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    • /_asset/lp7p62/ABC-Visalia-Copper-Wire-Thieves-Arrested.mp4
    • Visalia, CA - Copper Wire Thieves Arrested

      "Police are encouraging all business owners to install alarm systems and surveillance cameras to prevent these sort of crimes."

      Install Videofied and you get an alarm system with video verification. Cops will respond with greater enthusiasm and priority to an alarm they know has been visually verified by a professional monitoring operator. 

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    • /_asset/65tzd2/WCCO-newsradio-steeletalkin-8-19-edit.mp3
    • WCCO News Radio 830 - Copper Theft

      Host Moose Miller discusses the Videofied solution for copper theft with our president Keith Jentoft.

      Link to original story

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    • /_asset/np52nl/animalfalsealarm_ostrich.mp4
    • MotionViewer catches ostrich in Zimbabwe

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    • /_asset/p67zbp/Fort-Worth-interview-2.mp4
    • 1 night, 2 alarms, 4 arrests, in 8 hours

      Under eight hours after installing a Videofied system at a large, vacant Radio Shack warehouse, Fort Worth police arrested 4 intruders.

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    • /_asset/lsnrg3/30-second-survey.pdf
    • 30 Second Survey

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    • /_asset/yyz8t4/lawenforcementarrests_ATVersarrested.mp4
    • 4 wheelers arrested, led to squad car

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    • /_asset/yvm6xi/remotesites_ATVs.mp4
    • 4 wheelers trespassing at remote site

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    • /_asset/xwjq1x/animalfalsealarm_baboontoyswithourMV.mp4
    • A baboon toys with our Outdoor MotionViewer

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    • /_asset/sxft79/ABCGoodMorningAmerica_Winter2012_US.mp4
    • ABC Good Morning America: Copper Theft

      Good Morning America investigates the surge in copper thefts occurring around the country. Many videos taken from Videofied systems are featured. 

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    • /_asset/2nzwmr/ABCVacantPropertyProtection_Summer2011_US.mp4
    • ABC: Vacant Property Protection

      The local ABC station discusses how Videofied was used to protect vacant properties in the area and also how video intrusion alarms are receiving Priority Response from the police. 

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    • /_asset/7lsplt/Above-Ground-Level-Copper-Theft.pdf
    • Above Ground Level (AGL) - Copper Theft: Problem, Testing, Solution

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    • /_asset/2dhgdd/vacantproperties_ACtheftlowlight.mp4
    • AC theft at vacant property

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    • /_asset/wzyv96/1.-Crime_In_Progress_Videofied.mp4
    • Actual Arrest: Obvious Crime in Progress

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    • /_asset/5spk7a/agricultural_tractor.mp4
    • Agricultural site - tractor drives by

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    • /_asset/vpbbhq/agricultural_truckarrives.mp4
    • Agricultural site - truck arrives

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    • /_asset/tmglmj/residential_appliancetheft1.mp4
    • Appliance theft at residence (refrigerator)

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    • /_asset/1lvyvp/lawenforcementarrests_minearrest.mp4
    • Arrest made at mine

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    • /_asset/9gjwfi/substations_arrestmade.mp4
    • Arrests made at substation (spool thieves)

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    • /_asset/y0gwwi/restaurants_barbreakin.mp4
    • Bar break-in

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    • /_asset/lq3ge8/BloombergBusinessweek_Dec2010.pdf
    • Bloomberg Businessweek: The Great Copper Heist

      The Great Copper Heist:With prices near record highs, thieves are selling America for scrap

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    • /_asset/4nv4xj/remotesites_crawfishpondboat2.mp4
    • Boat at crawfish pond

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    • /_asset/x56k5w/parksrec_boystrespassonwatertower.mp4
    • Boys trespassing on water tower

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    • /_asset/qjw9yg/animalfalsealarm_camel.mp4
    • Camels trip our Outdoor MotionViewer at a remote site in desert

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Note on Animal False Alarm Incident Videos

We typically recommend installing outdoor MotionViewers/systems only in controlled environments (fenced or otherwise) that will be armed during off hours. Uncontrolled outdoor applications may yield high activity due to non-intruding humans or animals, meaning unnecessary video alarms sent to the monitoring station and higher data charges for the customer.

However, animals can climb, fly or wiggle their way into areas that humans cannot. Thankfully, our MotionViewers can verify if the cause of the trip is indeed an animal, avoiding a costly and unnecessary dispatch to law enforcement.